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Moretown Supports & Services

Located in the scenic Mad River Valley, near some of Vermont’s best skiing and vacation options.

We support individuals who are referred to us from various parts of Vermont with most placements being located in the general Central Vermont area.

Mother and Daughter Having Fun

In addition to the Bradford and Randolph offices, we have an office in Moretown, which serves as an alternative service provider for individuals seeking support and services outside of their designated agency.

This provides the Moretown location with the ability to accept referrals from other agencies. Upper Valley in Moretown does not initiate the eligibility process for individuals entering developmental services. That process is conducted by the designated agency determined by the county of residence. Following establishment of eligibility, someone can be referred to Upper Valley Moretown where an individualized support program is designed and implemented to meet their specific needs.


Every person who receives support has a unique strengths and values. Our team of skilled service coordinators will work with you to learn about who you are and what you need to live your best life.

Through active listening and a supportive assessment of needs, service coordinators develop individualized plans of support that outline an individual’s dreams, goals, and person-centered support strategies.

Individualized support plans promote transparency and proactive development of meaningful supports that result in a fulfilling life in the community of a person’s choice.

Service Coordination is available to anyone receiving Upper Valley Services supports. These supports are tailored to meet you at any stage of your life.


We all desire a sense of belonging and meaningful contribution within a community of people who value our shared values and unique gifts. Upper Valley Services is committed to supporting people in developing or maintaining relationships within their community. Relationships create opportunities to explore new personal interests.

Upper Valley Services (UVS) is committed to providing high quality community supports that promote a diversity of experiences, life-long learning, leadership and personal empowerment. Individuals may be matched with a 1:1 direct support specialist, who provides the necessary support for an individual to actively engage with their community of choice.

Any person receiving supports from Upper Valley Services has the opportunity to participate in the Lifelong Learning program. Lifelong Learning offers a unique experience for individuals to pursue their education and learning goals, leadership, and opportunities to develop long-term friendships.

The ability to express and be heard are essential to leading a self-determined life. Self-Advocacy groups are located at all UVS sites and they maintain close ties to Green Mountain Self Advocates.


Employment is a means to positive life outcomes; career development, social engagement, financial stability, and overall health and well-being. Upper Valley Services provides comprehensive career assessment, job development, job placement training, on-going support and consultation, and financial and benefit planning. Whether you are just beginning to explore your employment options or looking for a new opportunity, we are here to support you to identify and achieve your goals.

Customized employment supports empower individuals to find employment that matches their strengths and interests, assuring positive outcomes. We believe there is a job for every individual who identifies a desire to work. Our skilled job developers will work with employers in your community to develop employment support plans that meet the needs of you and the employer.



The clinical approach best describing the services provided through the Moretown office is one of humanistic behaviorism. Founded in the Rogerian concepts of positive regard we believe that acceptance is an essential feature of our service orientation. This foundation of interaction is paired with a cognitive-behavioral skills based approach to promoting new ways of thinking and behaving.

Many of the people who receive services in Moretown participate in an array of therapeutic experiences including individual psychotherapy, massage, therapeutic horseback riding, yoga and psychiatric medication management to name just a few. This holistic approach to overall wellbeing paired with our respectful interactions with the people we serve has consistently resulted in positive outcomes for more than 30 years.


Upper Valley Services provides an array of supports to assure people have a safe, healthy, place in which they call home. We will work with you to identify the supports that you need to maintain your highest level of independence in the community of your choice. Supports and services are customized to meet your unique personal needs.

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