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Our Services

Each of Upper Valley’s locations offer an array of supports that are designed to assist individuals to live successfully within their local communities. 

Service Coordination

Every person who receives support has a unique strengths and values. Our team of skilled service coordinators will work with you to learn about who you are and what you need to live your best life.

Through active listening and a supportive assessment of needs, service coordinators develop individualized plans of support that outline an individual’s dreams, goals, and person-centered support strategies.


We all desire a sense of belonging and meaningful contribution within a community of people who value our shared values and unique gifts.


Upper Valley Services is committed to supporting people in developing or maintaining relationships within their community. Relationships create opportunities to explore new personal interests.

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Upper Valley Services provides an array of supports to assure people have a safe, healthy, place in which they call home. We will work with you to identify the supports that you need to maintain your highest level of independence in the community of your choice. Supports and services are customized to meet your unique personal needs.

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